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Autodesk liquidates the Russian legal entity, Autodesk Account

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Sources of Kommersant reported that the developer of the program for 3D design of buildings and design Autodesk plans to completely liquidate the Russian legal entity LLC Autodesk (CIA) by the end of summer and dismiss existing employees in the Russian office. Autodesk Kommersant said that since the decision to suspend its activities in Russia, the company continues to evaluate the prospects for the development of business and employees in the country. "We don't have additional information at this time," an Autodesk spokesperson said.

According to Aleksey Smirnov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Basalt SPO, the Russian office of Autodesk mainly consisted of program sales managers, not developers. He notes that only 30% of companies in Russia use similar domestic software. According to HeadHunter, over the past year, there were 165 resumes on the service indicating work experience in Autodesk resumes, of which 109 are without job search status, 25 are not looking for a job, 23 are actively searching, and 8 are considering offers.

After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, many companies and software developers announced the suspension of their business in Russia, including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and others. In early March, on its official website, Autodesk announced that it was suspending its operations in Russia, and would also consider additional restrictions for business in the country in the event of expanding sanctions and the development of the situation in Ukraine. However, the first sanctions against Russian companies began back in 2014, when Autodesk banned the sale of its software to companies that were included in the list of US Treasury sanctions, including Almaz-Antey Corporation, Rossiya Bank, Radioelectronic Technologies Concern and others.

Aleksey Nikitin, General Director of Digital Solutions in Construction LLC, noted that Autodesk announced his possible departure and termination of activities in the Russian market almost immediately after the start of the CBO, and it was clear that sooner or later these intentions would be realized: “It should be noted that in addition to Animation, multimedia and industrial design software Autodesk's main body of software has been concentrated in the areas of architecture and design. And over the past years, most Russian design companies have been accustomed to work in these programs.” According to him, Autodesk occupied one of the leading positions in the field of BIM design (Building Information Model), so the departure of an American developer from the country is a blow to Russian designers.

According to Kommersant, Western sanctions forced the Ministry of Construction to think about postponing the mandatory transition of housing developers to information modeling technologies (TIM) for a year - until January 2024. A serious obstacle was the impossibility of purchasing foreign software.

Mikhail Tsarev, technical director of Olimproekt Group of Companies, adds that many auxiliary plug-ins and tools were developed on the basis of Autodesk, which will become unusable when the brand leaves the country: “A lot of money, effort and time have been invested in various kinds of automation tools that simplify the work of the design company . And just like that, one day it is impossible to switch to the "rails" of another vendor, this is not a matter of one month. According to Mr. Tsarev, Russian analogues have a chance to take the place of departed foreign vendors, but a full-fledged replacement will require additional time and money: “In addition to refining their products by vendors to the level required by the market, users will also have to adapt current projects and train personnel for new software.”

According to Daniil Tukaev, a specialist in automation, work with data and PDM systems of WE-ON GROUP, the main processes related to BIM, standards, libraries of auxiliary materials, training projects, etc. in most cases based almost entirely on software from Autodesk: “Alternatives exist, but are more expensive, and comprehensive ecosystems that cover most BIM needs are in development.”

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